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We Offer Excellent Service for Hybrid Cars

Hybrid Cars are the future of transportation, and as such, we at Car Tech of Lafayette will make sure everything you need in your most important car are attended with proper care and excellent service - be it just a normal fuel-powered car or the more advanced, Hybrid Car.

Servicing ALL Types of Hybrid Cars

  • Full Hybrids

  • Mild Hybrids

  • Plug-in Hybrids

  • Micro and Muscle Hybrids


QUALITY SERVICES --- That's What We Offer

Come to Car Tech of Lafayette for any hybrid car repair services and you are assured of quality service, fast and reliable, and great customer experience at a very reasonable rate.

Providing the BEST Hybrid Car Services

in Lafayette, IN and

the surrounding areas!

Call TODAY and let

Car Tech of Lafayette

deal with your

Hybrid Car problems.

At Car Tech of Lafayette, we made sure we cater services, repairs and maintenance on all types of Hybrid Cars, including:





Hybrid Car Engine

At Car Tech of Lafayette, we make sure we offer every opportunities that will make our customers happy and delighted.


From engine and transmission check-up and repairs, to your car's electrical problems, or ensuring that your car's brakes are working in perfect condition - NOW - we extended our service into the vehicle of the future by servicing Hybrid Cars.

Hybrid Car Battery Service

One of the most important aspect of a Hybrid Car is its battery set since this is the alternate 'blood' that runs the car's engine. And though it may look the same as a regular battery, a Hybrid Car Battery is more powerful - it is rechargeable and has bigger capacity which allows it to power the engine and move the car without the help of fuel-powered engine.


You don't have to worry anything when it comes to your Hybrid Car battery problems...


We, at Car Tech of Lafayette - WE GOT YOU COVERED!